The Music

To start, Guitars. Piano. Mandolin. And bass. And washboard, ukulele, accordion, melodica, bongos and a host of other instruments lying around.

Throw all those into a pot.

Add some folk. And some pop. And some rock. And Americana, jazz, blues, and just about any type of music you can make with those instruments above.

Now put that pot in a blender, and make it into a smoothie.

That’s the Two Johns & A Nancy experience. Except without all the metal from the pot mixed in with the in the smoothie. Usually.

John, John and Nancy come from very different musical backgrounds and speak with different musical vernaculars. Those influences and approaches meld into music that incorporates the best of all of their worlds.

Here’s our most recent musical oddity, and see below for loads of live performances!
Carnival of Souls, by Two Johns & A Nancy